Tourist Visa

In recent years, it has been a challenging task to get a tourist visa for Pakistani nationals. This is due to various reasons including lack of knowledge of applicants in the visa application process which leads to essential documents being missed out of the application, ending in a refusal.

A simple mistake in the application can lead to a misrepresentation which bans the applicant from entering Canada for five years!

You will receive step-by-step guidance through the entire visa process. Our team of visa experts will review each of your application documents to ensure that no mistakes or omissions are made.

Your application will be submitted along with supporting legal references using Canadian Immigration Law. Your application presented to the government under our professional representative’s name. Our name is registered with the government, so they know we are knowledgeable and professional, and that our applications are consistently completed correctly.

Prior Refusals

If you have applied before and been refused a visa, we can still help. Our team is trained in addressing reasons of refusal given by the visa officer, so the new application fills in the gaps which were present in the prior form, hence, making the chances of a second refusal much less likely.

Parents/Grandparents Super Visa

The Canadian Government is making it a priority to facilitate the process of uniting families. This class of visa allows for Canadian citizens or permanent residents (PR) to be guarantors for your parents or grandparents so they can visit Canada, or stay for extended periods up to 2 years at a time.

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