Permanent residency was not easy to get for me, but AIS did it. My visa was refused before. I even had to stay out of Canada for 5 years once when someone else handled my application. I reapplied and appealed using AIS Consultants. They were honest with me about what my chances are. It was not 100% but there was a good chance, so we decided to go through with it. It worked out well after what seemed like a long time. AIS Consultants made it possible for me to live and work in Canada. Finally.

Ali S., Karachi, Pakistan

AIS helped me sponsor my family after many frustrations trying to manage it myself. I found the government agents responded much more positively to the professionals. AIS was helpful and always told me immediately when there was any news on my family’s file. There was so much stress in the whole process, but AIS made it so much better. I am glad my family is with me now, here in Canada.

Ejaz K, Brampton, ON

I wanted so long to study in Canada. I imagined being in Canada since I was a small child. I worked so hard in my home country to learn English and get good marks. Every year I hoped I was close to going to Canada. Brandon made my dreams come true! I study in Toronto now and soon I get my degree. There is no way I could have done this myself. I am so happy AIS was there to help me. Thank you, AIS.

Parvin Q, Toronto, Ont

I wanted my wife to be able to be a Canadian citizen, like me and the children. We were married in her home country, but the children were all born here in Canada. The citizenship application process was so overwhelming until we had AIS take over. There was so much paperwork! I couldn’t believe how much was required. When we realized how hard it was we hired AIS Consultants to take over. Then we just sat back and waited until they finished everything. I was surprised at how quickly and efficiently everything was done.

Allen W., London, Ont

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